Firm Seeks Judgment for Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy Claimants Seeking $270 Million+ in Unpaid Pensions

The Firm represents 344 former senior executives of Lehman Brothers Inc. (“LBI”) in hotly contested defense of an effort by the Trustee of the LBI bankruptcy Estate to extinguish their deferred compensation pension retirement entitlements that the clients self-funded in the 1980s.   Those claims total more than $270 million and the issues being litigated are the only litigation remaining in the almost of 12+-year-old LBI bankruptcy.

A copy of the Firm’s most recent filing in the Bankruptcy Court as to substantive issues can be found here.   A copy of the firm’s most recent filing before the United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals where the Trustee is seeking to truncate the appellate process and avoid a hearing in the District Court, in which the client group believes its issues need to be considered in light of prior litigation, can be found here.